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Boden : Like A Mum global campaign

With the vast majority of Boden’s customers falling into the mum bracket, the brand wanted a campaign that made them feel recognised and special. I wrote a campaign intended to reclaim the notion of dressing ‘like a mum’ - a phrase typically loaded with derogatory meaning, complete with a manifesto designed to build women up and make them feel proud of their status. The brand signed up an impressive suite of ‘mum influencers’ to talk about the way in which they perceive dressing like a mum. And to turn the whole notion of mumsiness on its head. Art Direction by Boden.

The campaign achieved a huge amount of national and international press - overwhelmingly positive - and engagement across all of Boden’s target influencers. It was used everywhere from billboards to catalogue inserts, in store and across social media. It is their most successful campaign to date.

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Boden Presents: Like A Mum