Merchant’s Heart is a new mixer from the Suntory group. The brand decided to launch in the UK with a beautiful magazine in place of an advertising campaign – designed for, and filled with, the industry’s best talent.

As editor, I was charged with creating this magazine from scratch. This meant telling an already very well-informed audience stuff it didn’t already know, presented in a stylish and refreshing way that would be the antithesis of traditional trade titles. The magazine would be sent to every good bartender and drink-seller in the country, but rather than bombard them with branded content and advertorial, Merchant’s Heart opted to treat it with the lightest of marketing touches – taking out an advertorial DPS and placing ads rather than interfering with the content itself. That gave us free-reign to produce something genuinely insightful and credible.  I recruited a team of talent, and came up with all features ideas - from a nerdy comic strip about the science of carbonation to an interiors shoot in a back garden home bar.