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I worked as an editor for some very well-loved magazines and websites (Elle, Time Out, Grazia) for several years before switching sides in 2015. Since then I’ve had a brilliantly weird roster of jobs and clients - I got to help Stephen Hawking translate his dreams onto paper for the UK BFG film launch; I wrote a script for Samuel L Jackson in which he talked about having a finger up his bum, and I harnessed the might of the mum in a Boden campaign that got the national press talking (positively!) about the brand. I also launched and continue to edit a really beautiful booze magazine for Suntory, (where we do stuff like get globally renowned micro-biologists to photograph margaritas under a microscope) that was credited with getting its tonic brand on the shelves at Sainsburys. The common thread of all of my work is story telling - the way I find ways to make people read what you want to write. Well chosen words are very important, and I love choosing them.

In my spare time I like to adapt well known songs into screenplays and imagine talking about them on Desert Island Disks.





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