Copy + content


Tesco’s target market for its in-house clothing brand is fashion-conscious women aged from 25 to 45. I worked with John Brown Media to produce a multi-channel world of content designed to inspire and engage the fashion-savvy consumer. One of the challenges was tailoring content to markets including Poland, Czech and Hungary, so I recruited bloggers from those territories to create bespoke, regular content for F&F helping us to populate our blogs in those markets - while working with John Brown’s own tech team to set up a platform which would translate relevant UK content for those territories.

Working in tandem with a relaunched glossy print mag, we built a beautiful content hub which meant assets could be used in a smart, agile and efficient way across platforms and markets.

The programme is now working across six territories (Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic and the UK), which enables F&F to get real value out of the content, and enjoy considerable international reach as well as real fashion credibility.